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Florida Legislature passes major changes to auto, property insurance markets

Florida lawmakers passed two bills on the last day of their 2021 legislative session that makes major changes to the state’s auto and property insurance markets. The actions follow weeks of back-and-forth debate on the proposals between the House and Senate chambers. Stakeholders say neither of the potential new laws will do enough to accomplish […]

10 essential insurance plans everyone should have

Did you know that almost 6,000 insurance companies operate in the US? Of these, more than 2,500 are property and casualty insurers. They make up the brunt of the insurance sector, as they’re the ones that sell home and auto insurance. All that should already give you an idea of how varied the insurance sector […]

Ways businesses can prepare for the unknowns of a post-COVID world

Running a business is no small feat. Add to that the evolving uncertainties with COVID-19, protests, rioting, a recession and more, and any business is on high alert. Preparing for unknowns is difficult despite the organization’s size, but it can be even more difficult for small and medium businesses. Whether you’re running a booming startup […]

Next COVID-19 challenge: reduce employer Rx costs, enhance patient access

In the coming weeks and months, America will begin attempting to re-start the economy and hopefully take steps toward a semblance of a new normal. However, even as this process gets underway, our economy has been shaken to its core with ramifications that will reverberate for some time to come. In this new reality, America’s […]